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VENIS - Virtual Enterprises by Networked Interoperability Services, (2011-2015), EU 7FP project: FP7-284984

Focus was on:

EUSAS - European Urban Simulation for Asymmetric Scenarios, (2010-2013), EDA (European Defense Agency): A-0938-RT-GC

Focus was on:

  • Mission analysis and training capabilities in a virtual environment with high level of fidelity (taking into account physical, emotional, social, cultural, environmental aspects) and a large variety of behaviours modelled
  • Automatic learning to ease human behaviour modelling digitisation into applications and adaptation of existing models
  • Evaluation and optimization of rules of engagement and military procedures
  • Verification, validation and accreditation of human behaviour models through qualitative and quantitative evaluation

ADMIRE - Advanced Data Mining and Integration Research for Europe, (2008-2011), EU 7FP project: FP7-215024

Focus was on:

  • Accelerate access to and increase the benefits from data exploitation
  • Deliver consistent and easy to use technology for extracting information and knowledge
  • Cope with complexity, distribution, change and heterogeneity of services, data, and processes, through abstract view of data mining and integration
  • Provide power to users and developers of data mining and integration processes

Commius - Community-based Interoperability Utility for SMEs, (2008-2010) EU 7FP RTD project: FP7-213876

Focus was on:

  • ISU interoperability over email communication
  • intelligent email processing
  • System, Semantic and Process Interoperability
  • Zero-cost of entry into interoperability

IISAS is developing Acoma tool to support information integration and interoperability above email communication within any email client.

AIIA - Adaptive Interoperability Framework for Private and Public Sector, (2008-2010) Slovak National Project: APVV-0216-07

Focus was on:

  • Information extraction of objects contained in the emails, such as people, companies, phone numbers, addresses, products, documents and so on
  • Extraction and analysis of social networks hidden in email archives, which can be used to detect relationships between objects contained in emails, such as relationships between companies and products, people and companies or contact details and people/organizations. At the same time, these networks can be used for better search in the email archives.
  • Enriching email messages with the information related to the tasks implied by the messages, such as displaying addresses on a map, automatically processing the transaction, finding information about the company or person and others.

IISAS is developing Acoma tool to support information integration and interoperability above email communication within any email client.
IISAS is developing Ontea pattern based annotation platform

VEGA No. 2/7098/27: Intelligent Technologies for Knowledge based Organizations

Focus was on:

  • Information Processing in Enterprises and Organizations
  • Knowledge Management
  • Processing of E-mail communication

SEMCO-WS: Semantic composition of Web and Grid Services, (02/2007-12/2009) Slovak National Project: APVV-0391-06

Focus was on:

  • Service Discovery and Composition
  • Web Service Semantic Annotation
  • Collaboration by knowledge sharing

KWf-Grid - Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications, (2004-2006) EU 6FP RTD project FP6-511385

Focus was on:

  • Knowledge, Semantic Web
  • Semantic based Workflow Composition
  • Web Services and Grid Services

NAZOU - Tools for Acquisition, Organization and Maintenance of Knowledge in an Environment of Heterogeneous Information Resources, (2004-2007) Slovak National Project SPVV 1025/04

Focus was on:

  • Knowledge, Semantic Web
  • Information Retrieval, Indexing, Search Engine
  • Relevance, Semantic Annotation, Presentation

RAPORT - Research and development of a knowledge based system to support workflow management in organizations with administrative processes, (2005-2007) Slovak National Project APVT-51-024604

Focus was on:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Email Annotation, Knowledge Presentation

Pellucid - A New Platform for Organisationally Mobile Public Employees - (2002-2004) EU 5FP RTD project IST-2001-34519

Focus was on:

  • Knowledge Mangement, Experience Management
  • Recomendation System
  • Agent-based System
  • Workflow Mangement Systems and Knowlegde Support

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